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Apollo Dirt bike ADR125 spared parts

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If you recently bought an Apollo ADR125 dirt bike, you may witness the high quality of the vehicle. It’s engineering and assembly has an uncommon quality for a chinese made dirt bike. However, that being said it is not a state secret; all off road bikes and even Honda’s and Yamaha’s motocross eventually need spared parts. By definition the parts of an off road bikes are made brake. Weaker parts will brake to protect more important parts. And when you ride your bike as we all do, are we really that surprised LOL ? So when you do need some parts for your ADR125, why settle for cheaper parts with poor quality ? When you pay top dollars for your dirt bike, you deserve genuine parts. Parts as good as your Apollo dirt bike. Recently, this problem has been overcome. It’s now possible to order online your genuine Apollo parts !

Visit the spared parts store here

The store also propose you some upgrade ! A better carburetor, stronger engine, a new air filter. You will find it all. Not only will you be able to purchase online from the confort of your home, you will also have access to the actual plans of your dirt bike. So not only will you be able to repair it but also understand how it is built!

Now, this is what I call quality service !

Written by alemay2013

April 23, 2013 at 7:31 am

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